Irrigation for Sustainable Climate in Kyrgyzstan

In May 2018, CAIConsulting Company in a consortium with British company Atkins Acuity and Russian company CECT Infrastructure Consultancy Ltd started preparation for the Technical and Economic Research on the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Project "Irrigation for a Sustainable Climate in Kyrgyzstan". The client is the Department of Water Resources and Melioration of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Within the framework of the project, a team of international and local experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment and provide information on 9 irrigation facilities located in Osh, Jalal-Abad, Batken and Naryn oblasts of Kyrgyzstan. This information will allow the Bank to obtain a more structured view of the current status of irrigation systems in these areas, as well as assess their investment potential in the decision-making on the financing of rehabilitation and construction works. The feasibility study will allow an analysis of economic, social, environmental, water and energy benefits and gender aspects. Special attention is paid to the development of a program to minimize the impact of the Project on the environment and social sectors of the country.

A team of representatives and experts from three companies (CAIConsulting, CECT, Atkins Acuity) carried out a number of field surveys on all 9 sites. In addition, meetings were held with representatives of the regional offices of the Department of Water Resources and Melioration of the Kyrgyz Republic, local authorities, farmers and residents who are directly interested in the implementation of the above Project. The preliminary data obtained showed the urgent need to solve irrigation problems in a number of areas. The first presentation for the EBRD and the Department of Water Resources and Land Reclamation of the Kyrgyz Republic on the results of the survey is scheduled for mid-September 2018.

The implementation of the Project will have a large impact on the economic and social development of the regions, increasing agricultural productivity through the cultivation of more promising crops, food security, job creation, and the reduction of migration in remote areas of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The total budget of this infrastructure project of the European Bank will be about 86.0 million Euro.

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