Small grants to strengthen the capacity of WUAs

   The APNIP project assisted in the development of 30 Agricultural Development Plans (ADPs) in order to provide comprehensive assistance to Water User Associations (WUAs) to acquire the necessary equipment, seeds and fertilizers.

   This assistance consisted in consulting and informing on the development of business projects, financial plans, procurement plans, tender documents, reports, documents for the operation and maintenance of agricultural machinery and equipment.

   For this, 319 trainings were held for target water users associations and 30 adjacent WUAs on the development of the ADPs, financial plan, procurement plan; agricultural technologies and water-saving irrigation methods; business planning and marketing, procurement procedures, development of technical specifications, technical specifications, contract management. A total of 6111 farmers have been trained, of which 1200 are women.

    27 WUAs out of 30 pilot WUAs purchased using the project's grant funds:

- 19 units tractor;

- 25 units seeders,

- 25 units mowers;

- 28 units tillage mechanism,

- 15 units pesticide sprayers / fertilizer spreaders;

- 8 units harvesting equipment;

- 41 tons of seeds;

- 600 tons of fertilizers.

   Currently, the process of preparing for tenders in the remaining WUAs is being completed. An analysis of the costs incurred and the residual funds in the WUA is underway. Completion of the work is planned in the 4th quarter of this year.


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