Research on the project of on-farm irrigation

The main objective of the project was to assess the impact of institutional strengthening and combined institutional strengthening, as well as on-farm rehabilitation of air defense systems on the reliability and sustainability of irrigation water, which in turn lead to increased crop productivity.

Within the framework of this study, both qualitative and quantitative methods were used for the assessment. The company carried out a sociological survey that involved 1,350 respondents (water users) throughout the Kyrgyz Republic, and interviews with 135 representatives of Water User Associations (WUAs) were conducted. The company conducted 2 different forms of quality data for WUA representatives and water users. For WUA representatives, taking into account the level of functioning of the WUA itself and a large list of issues for discussion, round tables were held, one in each region. To discuss the problems of water users, the Consultant held focus-group discussions - one in each region.


Based on the results of this study, a group of experts from CAIConsulting developed general recommendations for the World Bank PIU under the Department of Water Management to improve the WUA's work on inland water management     

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