CAIConsulting resumes working visits of local consultants after stabilization of the pandemic

   Following the stabilization of the pandemic, which has lasted for more than a year, CAIConsulting has resumed working trips for local consultants. Another working trip was organized to the city of Uzgen in the period from 9th to 10th March and gave the opportunity to hold several meetings at the "Uzgen Taza-Suu" enterprise and in the Mayor's Office of the city of Uzgen.

   During the trip, meetings were held with the head of "Uzgen Taza-Suu", with specialists of the Project Implementation Department of "Uzgen Taza-Suu" and directly with the mayor and vice-mayor of the city of Uzgen. During the meetings, an analysis of the progress of the project was made, which included: the Corporate Development Program, the Social Support Program and the Stakeholder Program.


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