Perinatal Care Referral System Study: Analysis of the integration of service system and referral practices at all health care levels including preventive services to pregnant women (PN: 15.2019.6-001.00 (Kyrgyzstan)

01.05.2018 - 31.07.2018


Overall project value (EUR)120 000 USD
No. of staff provided1 local experts
Name of ClientMinistry of Health Kyrgyz Republic
Financing agencyGIZ
Name of partnersEPOS Health Management
Detailed Narrative Description of Project

The objective for the overall programme is that the MoH and the National Maternal and Child Health Centre in Bishkek are enabled to shape the conditions for effective interaction between all care levels. This involves determining the position of the new Perinatal Centre within the national care system and improving the referral patterns and logistics of all hospitals in the care sector. The effect will be to optimise the interfaces between the future centre and outpatient facilities and hospitals in its catchment area, including psychosocial and nursing institutions providing support and post-natal care.

The Consultancy Company is tasked to perform a study of the referral pathways of pregnant women and neonates in Kyrgyzstan, and to provide specific recommendations and a costed implementation plan for short- to medium-term improvements to the fields of activity. The consultants seconded by the Consultancy Company must cooperate closely with the component manager responsible for strengthening the ‘integration of perinatal care systems’.

This programme “strengthening the integration of care systems”, also aims at creating the information base to allow adaptation of the referral system for pregnant women, births and newborns in the Perinatal Centre's catchment area.

Detailed Narrative Description of Services provided

The Consultant Company proposed a methodology to attain the expected deliverables of the assignment. The methodology included the:

  • desk review of various documents relevant to the tasks, such as policy and strategic plans, regulations, guidelines, standards, operating procedures, clinical guidelines, re-ferral documents, job descriptions, maternal audit evaluation, definitions of medical fa-cilities and staff categories, etc
  • structured interviews with stakeholders on national and sub national levels
  • focus group discussions with women in reproductive age in all field visit sites
  • field visits to at least one primary, one secondary and one tertiary/higher level facility in Bishkek, Chui Oblast, Osh and Jalalabad.