Capacity Building in Financial Services Management for the Kyrgyz Post Office

01.07.2017 - 01.07.2018


Overall project value (EUR)
No. of staff provided
Name of Clientthe Kyrgyz Post Office
Financing agencyThe World Bank
Name of partners
Detailed Narrative Description of Project

Kyrgyz Post Office (KPO) needs technical assistance to build up the basic elements of commercial or business management of financial services required for KPO to operate within the formal financial sector and to transform into an economically viable provider of competitive and demand-driven services. KPO’s financial services management will need to ensure that all its financial services can satisfy NBKR’s requirements. This includes the financial services for the licensed financial institutions with which it has or will have agreements for the delivery of their services and to limit their and KPO’s risk exposure when adding a large, additional distribution channel or a new business partner. NBKR supports institutional reforms of KPO that would enable it to expand basic financial services and will consider expanding KPO’s NBFI license, which currently covers KPO’s foreign currency exchange office operating only in Bishkek.  To expand the role of postal network in access to basic financial services, KPO will need to strengthen its management capacity in financial services.

Detailed Narrative Description of Services provided

1: Business plan for 3 years (Developed and improved by KPO management);

2: Capacity building of business unit (new business unit created);

3: Development of methodology of communication with partners and clients;

4: Training (new business unit personnel trained);

5: Piloting of financial services (successful piloted in South region, Issyk-Kul region and Chui region).