European Bank and Development Program (EBRD) "Implementation Support For the Bishkek CNG Buses Project"

02.04.2022 - 30.04.2025


Overall project value (EUR)
No. of staff provided
Name of ClientBishkek Passenger Transport Enterprise (BPTE)
Financing agencyEBRD
Name of partnersPPM (Bulgaria), MC (Austria)
Detailed Narrative Description of Project

The Project aims to provide Bishkek with a new bus fleet that will improve the reliability and quality of public transport services, improve air quality and reduce GHG emissions by replacing the existing outdated diesel buses with lower emission CNG buses. The Project will allow to renovate the depot of the BATP Organization and considerably expand its operational fleet, renew the provision of transport services on all of its abandoned routes and start serving new routes in recently developed city areas. It will also stimulate the modal shift from private cars back to public transport.

Detailed Narrative Description of Services provided

The scope of project works involves the tasks on providing support in development of detailed design and technical specifications for Bishkek Bus Depot and procurement procedures.

 In the context of project implementation, the Consultant shall perform the following main tasks, further detail of which is provided under each relevant heading:

Task 1:  Assistance with the Establishment of the PIU;

Task 2: Assistance with Design, Procurement, Tendering and Contract implementation as follows:

  • Contract implementation on procurement of up to 140 CNG buses of 10.5-11 meters long;
  • Design review, procurement, tendering and contract implementation of up to 100 CNG buses of 12 meters long;
  • Detailed design, procurement, tendering and contract implementation of the Depot facilities Rehabilitation  and equipment procurement;
  • Technical requirements, procurement, tendering and contract implementation for procurement of ERP system, including GPS tracking;

Task 3: Assistance in reporting under the  compliance of financial documents;

Task 4: Environmental and Social Implementation Support.