Project Education for the Future: Conducting training within the educational program “Innovative pedagogical technologies in primary schools and the basics of STEM education in Osh, Jalal-Abad, Batken regions and Osh city

13.03.2023 - 31.05.2024


Overall project value (EUR)
No. of staff provided
Name of ClientThe Ministry of Education of the KR
Financing agencyWorld bank
Name of partners
Detailed Narrative Description of Project

The project aims to assist in achieving the goals of the National Development Strategy of the Kyrgyz Republic in the education sector by expanding access to preschool education and improving its quality. The objectives of the project are to improve the educational process through the use of the digital materials. The project also aims to advance cognitive and non-cognitive skills of the school teachers.

 The project consists of the two following components:

 1. Improving teaching and learning processes

The purpose of this component is to ensure equal access to preschool education of a high quality and increase the efficiency of the educational process in preschool institutions and secondary schools.

  • Improving the level of school preparedness of children who do not have equal access to educational services;
  • Increasing the capacity for preschool and secondary school teachers;
  • Providing technical support to educational process through the way of technology applying;
  • Improving the system for educational processes measurement;

 2. Implementation management to achieve the results

The purpose of this component is to support the implementation and management of project activities, including technical, protective and fiduciary support, as well as monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

The project aims to ensure that upon the successful completion of the course on innovative pedagogical technologies and the fundamentals of STEM education at least 90% of schoolteachers out of 15,000 will be certified.

The objective of the project is to provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic and the OKP "Education for the Future" in providing facilitation services in organizing and conducting trainings on innovative pedagogical technologies and the basics of STEM education for school teachers in Osh, Jalal-Abad, Batken regions and Osh city. The total number of teachers assigned for the training in the north part of the Kyrgyzstan is equal to 8850 thousand. In the course of the project 4130 primary school teachers will be trained on the course of innovative pedagogical technologies (with a focus on the subject of "Environmental Studies"), 1180 teachers of mathematics and 3540 teachers of the natural science and the basics of STEM education for the teaching subjects (Chemistry, Biology,  and Physics).

Detailed Narrative Description of Services provided
  • The Consultant performs the following tasks as a part of the project:
  • Development of a comprehensive work plan with a detailed description of logistics activities with a schedule and distribution of functional responsibilities of key personnel;
  • Implementation of logistics and planning activities in accordance with the approved training schedule for the entire period of the assignment;
  • Provision of printing of educational materials in sufficient quantity in Kyrgyz and Russian languages and their delivery to the districts of the Kyrgyzstan;
  • Based on the selection criteria, recruit 60 highly- qualified trainers to train 8850 teachers in Osh, Jalal-Abad, Batken regions and Osh city;
  • Providing comfortable conditions for high-quality training of trainers on ToT;
  • Providing facilitation/logistics for organization and conducting training sessions for a mixed teacher training course;
  • Organization of video communication with recording facility and automatic placement of classes on technical devices/ platforms;
  • Organization of internal monitoring and preparation of analytical reports on the results of trainings in qualitative and quantitative terms;
  • Implementation a full-scale assessment of all facilitation activities for organizing and conducting trainings and analyzing the needs of trainers and trainees for further improvement of their activities within the framework of the assigned task;
  • Certification of the school teachers who have successfully completed 72-hours training course;
  • Providing reports on the achievement of target goals of the project and results of the trainings.