Project nameSectorCountryStart dateEnd date
Customs Modernization and Infrastructure Development Project PPTA: TAJ36001-01Private and Public Sectors DevelopmentTajikistanAugust 2003March 2005
Strengthening the Capacity of Basin Water Organisations (BVO’s) for Improved Resources PlanningAgricultural, Rural and Environmental DevelopmentUzbekistanAugust 2003December 2004
Strengthening Corporate and Financial Governance Reforms Project TA No. 33182-01Private and Public Sectors DevelopmentTajikistanMay 2003March 2004
AOTA: KAZ 34460-01 Education Sector Development StrategyEducation, Health and Social DevelopmentKazakhstanMay 2003May 2004
Feasibility Study under TA Project 3439 “Strengthening the Capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Processing Industry”Agricultural, Rural and Environmental DevelopmentKyrgyzstanMay 2003June 2003
Fighting Impunity and Promoting International JusticeEducation, Health and Social DevelopmentUzbekistanApril 2003October 2004
Kyrgyz - Japan Industrial Park ProjectPrivate and Public Sectors DevelopmentKyrgyzstanMarch 2003June 2003
ADB TA “Regional Gas Transmission Improvement Project”Infrastructure, Energy and Transport DevelopmentUzbekistanMarch 2003February 2004
B-Brussels: TACIS - Strengthening the Comprehensive Development Framework (CDF) Implementation in the Kyrgyz Republic – Phase I EUROPEAID/113739/C/SV/KG.Private and Public Sectors DevelopmentKyrgyzstanJanuary 2003July 2005
ADB TA №. 3617 –TAJ (TAR: 33184-01): Improving Aid Coordination & External Debt ManagementPrivate and Public Sectors DevelopmentTajikistanJanuary 2003August 2003